1. i hope you stay for a lot more years , i learned a bit from your experience , im growing my own medicine from home too and my own organic veggies so im looking forward to grow healthy organic plants and make the oil

    thank you from new zealand

  2. God bless you brother, Listen I am Christian and a grower in California love your videos and your strength. Chef I must tell you if you dont know already, Jesus Christ loves you, Jesus is the only one who offers salvation from deaths mighty grip, He will not deny anyone who asks him to be there savior, You and I must ask before our last breath. I invite you to ask him to be saved and rest assured you will pass through the Golden gate and not the fire pit when you are called. God bless you my cannabis bredren

  3. You can go in and get your H cells fixed to get ones that are strong that will help you fight the cancer it's a new thing out and it's a good cure you have to have really good H cells they have to extract and then put in the Super H cells that will kill the cancer it will make you feel good immediately right after

  4. Are you still alive? If so, drink sodium bicarbonate in between meals but take HCL and ox bile salts with meals. Your stomach needs to be acid to digest food but in between meals you need to make your body alkaline. Also boil water and baking soda and breath in the steam with a towel over your head. Also go on a Keto diet. And yes keep up with the CBD oil. When chemo does work, many believe it’s actually the sodium bicarbonate that cures them (that is mixed with the chemo). This is what I would do . I had squamous cell carcinoma that I cured for myself. The good news is there are many many ways to cure cancer IMO. You bet buddy, take care of yourself like you do your plants. Good luck ❤️

  5. Bless you my friend your videos are great you have taught many so much myself included ive been watching for about a year now and i just want to thank you and bless you your amazing and a great teacher bro !!! 🤟🤟🤟🤟

  6. Thoughts and prayers heading your way Chef! Know that you've help 100's of folks out there. Our country has dropped into great turmoil – there are a lot people here who are making an attempt at controlling our lives – Not Going To Happen. Thank you so much for all of your valuable education. Blessings to you

  7. Hey chef..your house and yard look like white trash ville. Bet your neighbors love your dilapidated pot farm. Why are hippies so filthy?

  8. I'm also reading a fascinating book The Healing Art of Qi Gong: Ancient Wisdom from a Modern Master , Liu, Hong Where an MD PHD Qi Gong doctor treats and cures several cancer patients using chi .The same book under a different title is Mastering Miracles: The Healing Art of Qi Gong As Taught by a Master Liu, Hong I got them both from ebay for under 6 dollars each perhaps you could look the author up and seek treatment hes cured many stage 4 cancers good luck .

  9. don't stop at the RSO and the cbd oil get a Hulda Clark zapper to supper charge you T cells you can get one on ebay to learn more about the zapper get the books the cure for all diseases and the cure and prevention of all cancers on amazon good luck to you .

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