Pa. recreational marijuana legalization listening tour

Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019, joined Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in Harrisburg as he announced that he will launch a statewide listening tour to hear …


  1. You two look like you don't belong together. Laurel and Hardy, the odd couple? Lol. Your looks alone are comical. Does standing there grasping your pinkie mean something? I'll never vote for you guys ever again. Who is going to be criminalized and lose professional certificates and licenses in Scranton due to making children drink leaded water and breathe asbestos in the air knowingly for over 4 years as admitted on tv by a scranton school board member ? Are the politicians, schoolboard members, business owners and Pa school administrators going to have their lives made miserable until they die or retire or get fired whichever comes first? Will key players in poisoning the kids bodies, hearts, and minds be charged as felons, fined, lose livlihoods, get community service, and/ or jail time? Like those kids for Cash judges, some of those in the poisoning of scranton school kids should be severely punished. Or is there a double standard in PA and justice for some and not for all as the Constitution set forth? But the guys on TOP will always be safe, right? If you go after anyone it will be the little guys in the Scranton Schools poisoning kids sham. Governor, how are you going to brush that one off? Isn't it a felony to knowingly poison kids? NEXT WE'LL be hearing about a priest being jailed for having congregants drink wine from a lead tainted chalice or a teacher being charged with a felony for allowing her dog to eat and drink knowingly from lead contaminated bowls and dishes that were banned for human consumption by the FDA and OSHA decades ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats how you guys work. Absurdity and injustice in your application and interpretation of the LAW! Isnt it a felony, no matter how you slice it, dice it, or deflect, or make excuses, is it not a felony putting kids in harms way of deadly chemicals you know for a fact that the kids have been ingesting and breathing in at school on a daily basis ?? Your charges have forced this stuff into innocent children's bodies literally. The children had no rights and no choice, nor did the parents, many of whom are among them are poorer than poor. Gisele is very sweet… Lucky for her a big guy looks out for her. Some of us women, even professional women here in PA and the USA have very few rights even at their own home property as of 2012 to the present. Some women and children are still defenseless to this very day having no rights in American Pennsylvanian society.Do you guys support abortion, human rights? Too many Pennsylvania citizens would rather support abortion and animal rights to crap all over a single womans property with diseased feces from neglected and diseased cats, putting a human family and pet dogs health and safety in jeopardy, destroying a life and violating my civil liberties to the greatest degree!!!! Why? That is SO WRONG!!!!!!!!! Human rights first. All is okay as long as the little woman has alleged big guys protecting her right ? Some of those Scranton kids being poisoned will be in your shoes some day. What are you going to tell them? Its okay Govenors because its not your son or daughter or sister or brother or wife or friend being poisoned with lead and asbestos and other hazards. Right? The kids are displaced and have been.poisoned and made sick for several years and they now know cruelty to children is okay. Until now, that is.

  2. Happy to hear of Lt. Gov. John Fetterman's listening tour. Letting the public weigh in on legalization is an important part of the process, and cannabis is all about community.

  3. Make it legal !! Way safer than booze !!! Id rather my own kids vape cannabis instead of drink alcohol- thats the killer not marijuana !!! Im totally for legalization. Period.

  4. Watch out for that guy behind you!! Haha just playing. 100% behind legalization in every state. I'm a Illinois firefighter and this opioid crisis can be solved with cannabis.

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