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A seizure is an abnormal burst of electrical activity in the brain. The cells that make up the brain, neurons, communicate with each other using electrical signals.


  1. Good day!
    My dog has a canine distemper virus. She already have that neuro-damage. We are currently giving her meds since Thursday. She still can walk and eat properly.
    Today she had a seizure. Her whole body was moving a lot and she pooped. It last probably 2 minutes. I don't know what to do if another episode occur. Should I go to a vet? She calmed down and is currently resting.

  2. can it also be parasitic? my young dog had a bad tape worm infection when he was a puppy and I gave him a dewormer tab and everything cam out dead…after that I think he might have had one or two mild seizures or none at all I cant remeber…its been 2 years since his last seizure and he just had a one while he was sleeping in bed last night. my vet said its not the "outside" she said its most likely neurological…I was reading about brain parasites like tape worms and toxoplasmosis…I hear that cbd oil is great for seizures in dogs and humans theres tons of videos about it.

  3. Thanks for posting this articulate and informative video! My 14yo chihuahua had a severe seizure of over an hour in duration three days ago, which was only stopped with emergency veterinary intervention. It is almost certain that she has a brain tumor and is now on anticonvulsant medication plus emergency rectal valium in the event of another similar seizure. It has been a heart breaking three days, but I'm comforted by giving her all the loving care she needs at this life stage.

  4. I am an intern at a vet hospital and while I'm watching this a pomeranian dog 14 yrs old just had 3 seizures back to back and passed it is possible..crazy he was just ok an hour ago smh life so short

  5. My 6 y/o German shepherd has been having cluster seizures every 3 months for the past 2 years. They last a couple of minutes and then he normally acts normal between seizures. He has recently become more aggressive, not able to recognize family members and being defensive more frequently. He has always been sweet and loving his whole life. Is it possible for idiopathic epilepsy to cause aggression?
    Thank you. Appreciate this video.

  6. Thank you so much for creating this very informative video. I have a six year old female pitbull that had her first seizure in May 2017 since then she had a total of seven all less than four mins. Then out of then blue Saturday she seized for nearly 45 mins on/off, we believe it was 16/17 seizures. Took her to the EV but she stopped seizing before we got there. Vet advised we get bloodwork done ASAP but he also labeled her as epileptic without bloodwork, is that just a catch all diagnosis? Also she typically vomits before seizing is this a common association or do you think it’s unrelated? Trying to find the most qualified vet that will make every effort to diagnose her without bankrupting us. We love our dogs, but on a budget 😉

  7. I just took my 11yrs old dog to the ER and they diagnosed him with cluster seizure because he had multiple seizures within an hr. They said it's most likely be a brain tumor. My dog is diabetic for many years and persistently has high level of liver enzymes ( alkaline phosphatase) enzyme) from blood work. His recent blood work came back with an even higher level of alkaline phosphatase enzyme. Do you think his cluster seizure could have been caused by something else rather than possible brain tumor?

  8. I'm writing this for the third time already since youtube keeps on erasing the paragraphs im currently writing so im just gonna write it very simple… im tired and very upset

    My sick Dog with Ehrlichiosis constantly trowing up and shaking so we want to get him IV. Hes not used to vet trip so hes scared of being outside but needs to be brought. On the ride he was afraid, anxious and possibly stressed? We were gonna bring him out but he snapped, bearing his teeth. We thought he was just being agressive, but we got out of the car and he fell on his side, spazzing out and his tongue also on the side. We were infront of the vet so we called em to look at my boy cause we cant bring him out the vehicle. The vet told it was possibly distemper or epilepsy but we doubt it was distemper. We asked them if they can do anything, they said we should bring calm him down and bring him inside. They gave him a vaccine, we didnt get a chance to ask waht it was. I was trying to get him a muzzle so we can bring him inside and was waiting for him to calm down. Other people came in the office with a pet. We just wanted to not see him spazz and end his suffering so wanted to put him down but he nedded to be asleep. I tried to go in the vet office to ask for help again (were obviously confused, and doesnt even know what to do, me also panicking thinking hes dying in a very painful way. But as i reached to the door it was locked and they didnt want us to come in since they thought it was distemper, and theh were treating the dog that just came in and was declined further sevice and wanted us to wait. Welp the spazzing happened for more than 15 minutes i think, and none of us knew what to do, and he just slowly stopped.. he had his last breath and died on our vehicle, basically that happen earlier today and im still not doing the best since im really upset about it. And just went home, even forgot to pay for the vaccine. I just wanna asked, was bringing him to vet a possible reason of the seizure(I assume)?, was it a painful death of him if it was a seizure? If its possibly distemper, would out other dogs be affected?( i'm still pretty sure it was Ehrlichiosis since our dogs have diagnosed with it in the past few weeks). Was bringing him to the vet a bad idea in the first place? Do you think it was a seizure he suffered from? – thanks for reading hopefully i atleast get a few answers about his death earlier :')

  9. Hello I have a question?… So my dog bumped his head on our glass door yesterday and started vomiting everywhere… Does he have a concussion? Or is it just a coincidence? He stopped vomiting and was fine for the day and is still fine today.

  10. My 12 month old pup as u can see I. Picture started gagging than just flipped and fell on his back it was scary idk if it was a seizure we think he might have aten a pill he was swaying his head back n forth before that happened and he threw up before that happened s

  11. Last night My dog experience a seizure for 17hours and the worse part was it's non-stop epileptic.
    And after that,he can't open his eyes and can't walk straight but can stand for a minute and there are times he is starting to hown and trying to stand and point his face and nose at the edge of the wall.
    what do you think is the problem? And how can I help my dog?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Thank you for the video. I went to many vets and all missed what was causing my dog's seizures. It was her dog food. Most vets fail to do a diet consult and it's where things should start because the processed pet food is killing our pets slowly.
    I will be doing a video to tell my story.

  13. My aging lab was on Proin for incontinence. After two months on this drug she had a grand mal seizure. Prior to this I noticed muscle twitching, excessive thirst and agitation. People should be WARNED about this! She is back to incontinence but is still alive and not having symptoms that are far worse than the occasional incontinence.

  14. Hello

    My dog is a 2 yr old beagle and he has been having cluster seizures for the past 3 months every two weeks. He has about 4-5 seizures within about 2 hours. He is on generic Keppra 500 mg every 8 hrs and zonisamide 150 mg every twelve but doesn't seem to really help. We give him a syringe of valium after his 3 third seizure. Is Phenobarbital a better medication to ask our vet about. I have done all the research I can but I just worried we aren't going to get this under control. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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