Silver State Relief – Cannabis Cultivation with LumiGrow LED – OG Kush

Dr. Matthew Wheatley of Silver State Relief in Sparks, Nevada shares his observations growing OG Kush with LumiGrow Pro 650 LED grow lights.


  1. Great video Dr. Matthew. I operate/manage Green River Greenhouse, LLC. in Peru, Indiana. State laws still have us limited to what we can grow in Indiana, nonetheless we continue to operate. Currently we are growing USDA certified organic baby head romaine (Dragoon variety) exclusively. As I am sure yo know we have lengthy (months) of less than ideal growing weather in the Hoosier state, and though we advertise as a year-round greenhouse operation, we struggle to grow acceptable produce during those select months during our winter season. Some winters have proven worse/better than others, thus we have only now, after 3 years in business, concluded that we will not get away with the absence of supplemental lighting for much longer (many more winter seasons). Also as I am sure you know, consistency is a key part to a successful business. In order to achieve that, we must, again, bite the bullet, and find supplemental light for our large, commercial aquaponics farm. We have all but committed to the pro 325's of Lumigrow, but we just had one more question that we can't seem to get the guys at Lumigrow to give us a straight answer on: Can the pro 325's be plugged into one another, and if so how many can be linked before plugging into a power outlet. Or does each fixture have to be plugged into its own power source? Thank you for your time, I will patiently await your answer.

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