Winterizing (Remove Wax) Cannabis Oil

Winterizing removes waxes and sediment from a cannabis alcohol extract before evaporating the alcohol. Good for spray and roller bottle applications.


  1. Do a dry ice shake with a bubble bag of 200 mesh or less to start. This would make keif powder which would be alot more clean to start with as an extraction material.

  2. For the record though the main reason you actually want to get waxes and lipids out of your extractions are for people who are vaping or dabbing the products as those are bad for your lungs and after all many times people are using extracts for medical purposes a lot of the time so it's always better to not be harming your health, and yes of course that goes for recreational users as well and yeah we all smoked some weed and that's not going to kill us probably but hey why not make it as harmless as it possibly can be especially for those out there who still don't believe in the healing power of cannabis or believe in it so much that they don't want us to have it it only gives them more reason to shut shut down if people are having health problems related to using these extracts and or cannabis itself

  3. what alcohol do you use to break down the oil before you freeze it? buying Ethanol is not easy in the UK, but they sell Isopropyl Alcohol but i didn't know if that could be used as i want to use ethanol but it is expensive,,

  4. Nice but did you also have filtered te tincture BEFORE it went in the freezer ? I am surprised how much debri is still in it !?! Or is that the tincture that we are looking for and is it the right thing to see after the fridge?? Never heart of it and whohaa what an AWESOME. ammount you got out and filtered again ! Hope you may find some time to answer 😉 greetings from Holland

  5. By far the best and simplest explanation and how to I've seen on the topic. I'd recently done a run of some "throwaway" product with alcohol that I hadn't done in a long time and I'm not too pleased with the color and remembered watching videos about winterizing it, I've watched a couple so far and only this one showed me how to actually do it at home without buying a vacuum pump and buchner funnels and whatnot, you know, things that tend to raise suspicions of anyone selling it to you? Anyway I'm rambling, thank you so much for this video

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