On this episode of “Angela’s Anything Show,” Angela takes you back inside her stoner kitchen to create THC-infused chocolates. With just a few ingredients–oh, …


  1. I am glad I found your site, needed a good recipe and new idea's for my canna butter. Thanks.
    I was wondering, Why people on the canna site(so far)all say the f word often. I went through a stage in life where that word was used nastily to me and I cringe when I hear it. ( not trying to be holier than thou:-) just trying not to cringe! 🙂

  2. Angela you are just great 😎
    This video couldn't have come at a better time! I'm working some buiness medical conference 😒 ..
    You always make me laugh – with you- though sometimes at you. LoL
    May I suggest.. you know I don't smoke(I'd just go to sleep all the time lol).. but I know I get anxious from chocolate… so idk could someone make it with carob powder? I'm guessing just add more sweet so more maple syrup or dates?
    Also wait a minute! You can't buy hemp seeds in NH?! We can in FL and I know the can in even SC! Like at the grocery local/chain stores or even at tjmaxx!

    Oh and tip… well I don't want you to die lol.. but put milk in that jar shake it up and now you can drink the left overs lol

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