The Ultimate CBD Product | RT Shorts

With CBD sweeping the nation it was only a matter of time before it made it to a new market. This short is intended as comedic exaggeration. We fully support …


  1. RT the type of company to think weed is comparable to other drugs..
    I can probably guarantee you most of RT staff has a pharm prescricption whether it's Adderall, Modafinil, a Benzo for stress and relying on Ambien to sleep…lol

  2. CBD is a life saving drug for tons of kids around the world. And it doesn't get you high in anyway what so ever. Portraying it like this and lumping it in with alcohol and cigarettes is in poor taste. It's the equivalent of making fun of parents for giving their kids an inhaler when they need it and then saying that inhaler is as bad as meth. And to top it all off the skit wasn't even funny. Good writers there Rooster teeth. (Your company is definitely not going to be the next Machinima that could never happen!™)

  3. Hey I’m from Texas, I love rooster teeth and achievement hunter crew for a while now. I also like weed and and weed related products but whenever you guys talk about it I just cringe so bad. This is just my opinion I don’t expect anything to change I just wanna put it out there.

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