Will CBD oil show up on a test ? LIVE TEST

Okay so I start CBD oil and I wanted to see if it would show up on a drug test cause some people had told me it would. I wanted to debunk this by trying a drug …


  1. I took some CBD oil, under the tongue for around 5-6 weeks and I failed for THC. I was using two different brands so I have no idea which was the problem but I for sure failed and I don't smoke or have anything to do with weed. I'd recommend going online and finding one of those sites that reviews the purity of CBD, pick one that has clinically shown that there is no THC.

  2. People saying its positive clearly never had a drug test. If you can see the second line at all its a negative result. I have used these test strips for years and they are always accurate.

  3. Thanks for this experiment I really appreciate it I've always been curious if I could actually smoke or vape CBD and thanks for your voice. I'm much more updated on that good stuff thanks for the experiment

  4. I just bought some yesterday to treat my
    Back wrist knees ankles lol I’m basically broken 😂 every morning I struggle with pain until I get moving all due to motorcycle wrecks anyways tried it felt awesome and woke up feeling great body was not even in pain super positive video

  5. So, your product of choice to use CBD, will or will not have THC in it. Smoking hemp flower or using full spectrum CBD oil will have a trace amount of THC and it will show up in a pee test

  6. Don't take it if you are in indiana! the state code allows 0.3% thc trace, but has the strictest cannabis laws in the country. There is no provision for false positives from CBD and lots of ppl are failing tsts, including me. Several ppl who work for the town of Seymour failed, and fight for their jobs. I failed and now the st. Joseph medical system won't treat me for hormone replacement (yes, it's controlled), peripheral neuropathy (anti-seizure medication is now controlled). lawyer time.

  7. Hi! I randomly came across your vlogs because I looked up tanning because I’ve never gone tanning. Anyways came across this video which is awesome because I’m in a CBD oil business! I’m not trying to sell here or anything like that but just wanted to tell you if your interested I can show you if you wanted to just look to see what our company sells. And I never knew we had test strips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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