21+only..How to make a cannabis full spectrum CBD oil. #cbd #cbdoil

This is an instructional video for making cannabis oil,this video shows CBD bud for oil but you can use high THC or even a 1/1 strain.to donate to the channel go …


  1. Hey Urban – is your bud dry or will you dry it and activate it in the oven? How do you know the % of CBD and THC in your brew? Do you need a chemical analysis from a Lab?

  2. In Europe, I only found Futura 75 strain to be available, which has only 6% CBD…So I guess in that case, the proper way would be to re-extract on the same oil several times (I guess 5x) so the CBD builds up to 20-25%.

  3. Why not put non decarbed weed in a mason jar pour oil over weed until covered put jar lid on not to tight then into the pressure cooker/canner @ 15psi=250F for an hour natural release open and use?

  4. I am new to this so be kind … when you put it in the oven do you have to cover it with foil ? .. also he said its got to be at 220 F whilst sitting on the double boiler.. does he mean the cannibus mixture itself ? ……..when finished do you use an eye dropper under the tongue to take the medicine … appreciate any help .. thanks and god bless you all.

  5. Is it a special plant you should use with only cbd in or is it just a normal plant and the thc goes away when he heat it? Can i just grow some plant home and use it for it without getting thc in it?

  6. I have 3.5g dried cannabis which I will decarboxylate. As I am allergic to coconut oil, I must make my own. I want to use this sublingually. How much olive oil do I use with 3.5g to have as strong a product as possible? Thanks, this method with the double boiler is great.

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