1. Tea is very bitter, if we include resinous middle part, where most healing properties are.That gives me idea to add it to the bitters tincture together with dandelion, gentian, artichoke leaf and others. It must be good for the liver as well as most bitter herbs.

  2. I love calendula, but calendula dosen't love me. 😣 I've been trying for three years to grow them without any success, the leaves get white spots (not mildew) and I get 3 or 4 flowers from each plant, then the leaves start turning brown and die. I live in the northeast. Any tips? Wonderful video.

  3. Hi Heidi, I love these chats from your deck garden. Thank you so much for the wonderful info about calendula. I really want to do more with calendula. I want to make the tea as you advise. Looking forward to your top 10!! I’m definitely going to look into growing calendula here since it sounds like it is easy to grow. As always, thanks for all the wonderful info you share!! Love, Mary ❤️😘❤️

  4. I been trying to watch this for TWO DAYS! Ugh! Liiiiiiiife! LOL
    Anywhooooo loved it! You’re the bestest! I am going to grow it next year if I’m still here. If not it’ll be one I put into the gardens I’m gonna build at my daughters in PA for sure!
    Love, hugs and blessings ~ The Kid ♥️

  5. I love these sorts of video from you Heidi – so informative and well presented – the info I actually want all in one place – and I trust you have done good homework too – great video! Xx

  6. Heidi, do sell your calendula seed? I grew some this year, starting from seed and they died when I put out into my garden. I have a few plants that have hung on but they are limp and just not growing. I have had great success with most everything else I grow but I am at a loss with this. Can you help? I do want to regrow next year but need some more seed.

  7. Thanks to you I now have a magnificent salve/cream that my family and I use daily and even my grandchildren want to medicine that grandma made! I use it for everything! I have also order a number of the books that you have recommended and those too I use daily, SO thank you!

  8. Thank you Heidi, for the information on Calendula; I was wondering if when they are talking diabetes, on meds, is it saying insulin injections or pill form?

  9. Oh my gosh I love that pink calendula I think the yellow and orange are nice too I have tried calendula in pots in my garden but need to try them in the ground to see if I have better luck in my desert garden, great video as always Heidi

  10. Jars. Quick before lost. Shirley Harrison in Indiana is moving into very small place & has lots of jars all kinds including colored & baled jars for canning. Sent you email of which utube vid she's commented on. There are 247 comments hers in response to someone salas and 8 replies.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you, this was my first year growing and I have dehydrated. I really needed this info, my husband has so many stomach issues, I want him to try this. You are great dear friend, bless you

  12. Thanks for this! I had wondered why my calendula is so sticky when picking it! I need to go ahead and make some cream. I've been dealing with cracked skin on my fingers from all the farmwork, no matter how much water I drink!

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