Easy Edibles – Cannabis Infused Oil with NO SMELL

We make weed infused coconut oil for use in medicated edibles. This is the easiest process to make potent edibles from bud without creating a big mess or …


  1. Using your method here with Ghee (or something like that) butter and MTC coconut liquid oil. I am testing it now, this is my first time doing any type of edible stuff. I have garbage bud so I'm using 5g flower and 3/4 oil and butter. Two separate jars for oil and butter to see how well they work. Unfortunately didn't have any ties for the cloth so poured the bud into the jar and will strain it after boiling for 2 hours. Hoping it turns out decent. 🤞

  2. Used this method with butter without the cheese cloth, made brownies, had both of them in the last 2 hours, haven't felt anything.
    Maybe decarbing in oven seperately is very important and crucial.

    Edit: I'm so sorry I am baked as shit

  3. Help!!!! Question: is not dangerous to put a glass jar into boiling water?? Especially a sealed one? Will it not explode??? How can I avoid this? Thank you!

  4. My first time doing this I did the 3.5. It worked but it wasn’t enough of a dose for me personally. I put in a bit over a quarter in and left out the cheese cloth. I am at 212 f in the water. It does evaporate but if you add a bit of water at a time it’ll keep it level and at the same temp without going to high or low. I’ll update after we bake! 💜

  5. Be warned these come out extremely stronger then expected. Last night around 10pm I decided to start making them instead i doubled the recipe and made use of 7g because when he said the overall of 3.5g was 350 then mine would be 700 which I wanted due to making brownies. Followed everything took around 3 hours to get everything including the brownies made. Put the leftover bud in a bag to dry for later. When I woke up the next morning I took a brownie which I figured to be around 80mg and I ate half waited 30 mins didn't feel anything ate the rest waited 30 mins still didn't feel it. Was mad so I ate another this time whole and waited an hour still nothing. I figured they were duds as its been what 3 hours or so. Because of this I loaded up my pipe and put a small bowl and soon as I exhaled the edibles all smacked me at once. My whole body is heavy currently as im typing this that is what I am feeling everything is heavy and my eyes are so red. Other then that and the tiredness I feel great. Will edit or comment if anything changes if anyone cares.

  6. I just want to let people know that this method really works. However i have been using old shirts that are thinnest cotton because i dont have any cheese cloths ( not even at the local walmart ). I personally have used anywhere from 7gs to 10gs each time. I also dont chop my flower i prefer to grind lightly, be sure not to fill the water to the top as the mason jar will begin to float.

  7. I tried this and it ain’t as strong when you decarb the weed for about 30 mins on 250 degrees before use. Trust me don’t waste your weed and be an idiot

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