1. How do they control insects? Regular agricultural insect powder or spray? Or something special maybe? It gets hot here, but humid and I'm trying some on a pole between 2 trees and spray water 2 times a day in deep shade . Insects get in the gills pretty badly.

  2. Quick question but how much water does it use if you must the mushrooms every 30mins
    Need to provision tanks that are large enough to supply water to our outdoor grow tunnels

  3. Struggled to find actual footage regarding outdoors growing on stacks and on garden beds. Will give it a try. Props to you Adam! didactical and straightforward as always.

  4. Great little video thinking of setting up a small farm myself after being inspired by your vids. A question I have, Is it possible to inoculate a bag of straw substrate using ‘used’ substrate (ie material from a bag that has already produced a flush or two)??

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