How to Make Cannabutter in the Oven (Easy Method for Cannabis Butter or Oil): Cannabasics #79

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  1. even after i ate at lot of weed edibles
    I have been using weed firecrackers recipe n getting high for about 7-8 days continuously.. maybe that is the reason I didn't get the high euphoric trip.. i eat about 3 firecrackers (with decarboxylated cannabis) n smoked an entire joint yet nothing happened

  2. I was concerned about going over 180F in the oven but my boy Matt went full 245….i trust you brother lol I'm going mason jar though, my vessel of choice 💚🤟🙏

  3. 250f for 25 minutes is not long enough for a maximum decarb. You are probably going off of the old decarb chart from the 90s. After reading up on experiments, when using an oven, decarb bud/trim 240f for 60 min and for kief do 30min.

  4. I ground up all my stems into a powder with keef and a few grams of bud 6 grams all together can I use plain sticks of butter instead of butter oil how many ounces of butter for 6 grams?

  5. I used dry ice, shaker bag, separated kief from plant matter. Put kief in preheated oven at 180° for 30 minutes. Cooled. Melted butter(made by local farmers/ranchers) in nonstick pan on low heat. Added kief slowly, stirred slowly for another 10-15 minutes till all was mixed well. Put in container, placed in fridge over night and made some super potent brownies the next day that lasted me a month. Happy baking!

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