Los Angeles explosion: 11 firefighters injured in 'major emergency'

An explosion in downtown Los Angeles has injured 11 firefighters with dozens more working to put out the blaze Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube …


  1. If anyone died in this, it will go down as another COVID-19 related death, to keep the fear levels up and bolster the numbers for more scary statistics for a disease that in reality only kills 3% of the population.

  2. The kingdom of heaven can be compared to a grain of mustard seed it is the smallest of all seed but when it grows it becomes the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches

  3. Could've been a lot worse in such a dense area. my thoughts and prayers go out to those heroic individuals and their families, they're proud of you as are we, stay strong.

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