1000w Double Ended (DE) Lamp Comparison Review & Test : Philips, Gavita, Hortilux, and More.

In this Review Lab, we test and record 9 of the most popular 1000W Doubled Ended DE Grow Lamps currently on the market and see how they stack up against …


  1. Can you please compare the sum of all par over a 3×3 of a 1000 DE Philips HPS vs a 1000W SolisTek DE 4K???? Trying to figure out if I would be better off just running a 4K MH for the whole grow instead of switching to HPS for flower. Is there really that much of a difference between a 4K MH and a HPS???

    Im basically asking you to add the numbers for DE MH bulbs to this test.

  2. Nate you should've made the test with the ballast at 110% on the hortilux bulb. Since Hortilux DE pushes only 1900 umols at 100% and 2,100 umols at 110% as described in the specs. Please make the comparison again.

  3. Thanks for doing a great test. It had the information we need to make an informative decision on DE lamps, but there are 2 types of ushio DE lamps. The ushio hilux and the ushio hilux pro-plus. Which one of these lamps did you use for the test?

  4. 1 flaw to your test is the ballast if you ran the hortilux de on a low frequency ballast around 60khz they clearly state that they are designed to be ran on high frequency ballasts such as the hortilux gold

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