CBD: Can it help you? What are the risks?

Answering five questions about cannabidiol products, including how they’re being used as a health treatment. »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more …


  1. you need a little thc in order for cbd to work. So if there is just cbd in whatever you are taking then well the reaction in your body wont occur.

  2. We produce cannabis edibles and CBD products notably CBD dog treats. I could list several CBD benefits. 7 months ago one of our dogs had tumours on her back leg. They are completely gone now.

  3. It may make you run out,and go to a liquor store, and drink a pint of whiskey, go back home,beat up your old lady,because she voted,and end up wrecking into,a family,instead

  4. CBD oil has been fantastic in helping me with anxiety and stress. However it is easy to start taking it every day due to how effective it is, and this will increase your tolerance for it requiring a larger dose to have an effect. I do recommend , but as with everything moderation is key 🙂

  5. By itself, like all isolated cannabinoids, it is of limited use and effectiveness. Cannabis is a substance best used whole. That doesn't necessarily mean always with THC, but always with a range of cannabinoids and possibly terpenes. The "entourage effect" as the synergistic effects are referred to.

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