Cooking With CBD Oil

With the number of foods available today that are now infused with CBD oil, cooking with CBD oil is becoming a popular topic. The question is, how do you cook …


  1. GREAT VIDEO! We make CBD that is water soluble to instantly absorb in drinks.

    Important information not mentioned in the video: full spectrum CBD can contain up to 0.3% THC.

  2. Oh we we. But what do you get if you cross a high thc plant say male and a female high cbd “hemp” plant? Female? Ok so will they fertilize one another. And if so what should or could you get from say this cross? I would like a med thc to Cbd 1:1. And I am looking to visit somewhere? May I ask? Know if anywhere I “should” go that would sell beans and not have to have a passport. With in the 48 states? I wish I had a “friend” in a pot friendly state. But even “friends” are hard to come by.

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