Food Allergy in Dogs: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Allergies are a common cause of itchy skin in dogs + can be broken down into 3 main categories: flea, environmental (atopy), and food allergies, with food …


  1. Hi, I know this isn’t related to the video but my dog keeps eating it’s poop. I have tried switching their food, checked with the vet if there was anything wrong, put nutrients in their food. All these other dog videos say to just pick it up when they are done which I do. But I have a full time job and have kids to take care of. I can’t always stay out there and wait for my dog to go to the bathroom. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this. Is it possible it is a learned behavior?

  2. Hi Dr Alex a month a go my dog started scratching went to my vets they took a skin scraping they said it was food allergy they said to get a Hypoallergenic Royal Canin Veterinary diet which they had and to get shampoo they recommended Ermidra Shampoo which they had all good been using the Shampoo and the Hypoallergenic Royal Canin Veterinary diet but still she has not stopped scratching i bath her once a month and in between i use spot on or a flea collar i worm her every 13 weeks. I will do anything for my dogs happiness and what ever she needs i will do without just to get her the best. Put her on the BARF diet just to see if it would be any help it did at the start she was just like a pup again fool of energy. but no i am back to a Hypoallergenic diet. might not bath her for 6 – 8 weeks to see if it is that

  3. Thank you Dr Alex for taking the time to make your your biggest fan from across the hope you have a wonderful day my friend from me and Arnold and bigfoot we all three are very thankful for you helping us with your videos. Take care we all love you buddy 👍 you are like family to us..

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