Grow Tips to Help You Harvest POUNDS + Q&A (replay)

If you’re growing plants for at home, there are some things you can do to keep consistent harvests coming in time and time again. In this LIVE VIDEO, Rob & Trey …


  1. I’m a first time grower and this might be a stupid question but what leaves should you take off your plants and which ones should you keep? I’ve heard it’s better to tie leaves back rather then take them off but I’ve also heard sometimes it’s better to trim the leaves in order to let more sun penetrate to the bud producing zones. I’m a new subscriber so I missed the q&a.

  2. The quality of Michigan bud really shot up once we went medical. Back in the 2000s, unless you had REALLY good connections, pretty much all the weed you could get was… weed. That's all your guy could tell you. It was usually pretty good weed, but that's all you knew. I didn't personally hear the word "terpine" until like 2015.

  3. Cool, I'm from Muskegon too. PLEASE let marijuana become like our town's thing. That'd be cool as FUCK.
    First time doing a grow with real equipment because I recently came into a lump sum of funds (that and a new bed: quarantine has been GOOD to me). I'm 39 days into a Gorilla x Tangie clone. Got it like super low and spread out, I topped it early by happy accident, so I started LST and now I've got ten really nice mains plus all the sides. This thing is gonna be a beast.
    I've done all the horizontal training I can for now. So now I'm letting it get height until it's tall and sturdy enough for lollipopping. Then I'll put in my scrog net and let my plant recover from the stress and fill out the rest of my canopy.
    I was hoping to switch to 12/12 at around the 4th of July, but now I'm thinking it won't be ready. But we'll see. I'm not in a hurry, it'll be ready when it's ready. Or it could surprise me and have a growth spurt. This has been a good hobby for me during these stressful times. It has been meditative as FUCK.

  4. Straight out of Trinidad and Tobago i followed alot of people over my 4 plus years of learning to grow but yall was the inspiration behind me even wanting to do a grow channel i just made the channel and you had to be in my grow following and definetly my first comment …much respect bro..and thanks for keeping it real and keep growing

  5. Hey man, i appreciate all the knowledge and info you're giving, but if you put on the title that you're going to talk about how to harvest pounds and then you talk about random stuff.. it's not cool, maybe you should just title the video Q & A, 47 min watching and i can't even point out one single thing to consider regarding yield increase, maybe i was expecting something that you didn't mean to suggest on the title of the video, sorry for my english writing, i'm not from the USA. Someday it would be so fucking AWSOME to talk about specific topics but without paying attention to the questions, it's a lot of distraction, waste of time, and divert attention from the main topic. Thanks anyways for all the data shared.

  6. Promix organic is ok for some strains, why do some buds come airy tho? Most of my buds last season were nice and dence, but 2 of them werent heavy dence, more fluffy and airy

  7. Cheers everybody. Listening while doing my morning chores in the garden. These pineapple muffins stretched so much since 2-3 wks ago it’s wild. Started out at my gf thigh in height now there damn near to her shoulders 👊🥂

  8. Recently discovered beast beans for a fair price:- HSO's ThreeBlueKings. Its beauty. They have added the dude Sherb's strains to it and are selling them for three times the price; but the 3BlueKings herself seems first class to me.

    (Not smoked her yet but she is sweet, dank and the Headband sure adds some size and weight to the mix)

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