Harvesting Cannabis Plants – How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101

Learn to grow marijuana for dummies, a 10 lesson 101 course for dummies and beginners. In lesson 8, learn how to tell when your cannabis plants are ready for …


  1. Is it best to harvest after 12, 24 or 48 hrs of darkness for indoors plants? So many opinions about this, I can't find decide. Your opinion would be helpful. Gracias…

  2. How about a video on uses for male plants. I always have one ore two that sprout. Is there any other uses besides pollination? For example, would it be possible to make a cbd butter or oil ?

  3. If you trimm without gloves, wash your hands with a little bit butter, it works wonder (must be warmed with your hands) than take the canna butter with bread and then eat the bread ^^ . Works really well .

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