1. Nice!! You wouldnt happen to have any good sativa seeds layin around would ya? I am a new grower (2nd season) and I am sooooo fascinated with the cannabis. Pls email me if u have seeds : mizztaurusbeatz@ gmail. c o m

  2. How long dose it take till you can tell I'm in Canada and only allowed four plants I have 6 starting to grow about two and a half weeks now and I have them all together in separate cups at my window waiting to put them outside and I want females and one male so how can I tell at this stage ??

  3. Hello from Trinidad and Tobago excellent job my frien d be a little more safe with your plants . like plant in separate pairs so you're looking for any signs of female or Male so you don't mess up your grow . where I' m from. the f???ing law requires you to grow 4 plants Per person I'm the planter so I'm ready for some clients. splendid grow to you bro be careful with them Male weed pollen that's a no no you done know respect.

  4. Hello,
    I had a breeding question. I wanted to breed my 1st strain. I am nervous to bring a male into the mix because I dont want to seed up everything. Can i keep a male in flower a grow tent with exhaust fan in a separate bedroom from flower room and be safe from cross pollinating accidentally? Thanks for your time!

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