Roland: Larry Elder 'Sounds Like A Stupid Person' Proclaiming 'Republicans Did Not Own Slaves'

This week’s #StuckOnStupid Award goes to conservative radio host Larry Elder who proclaimed on Fox News that Republicans didn’t own slaves.


  1. The only "dumb fool" is you Roland. Elders is right. I'd love to see you try take Larry on in a debate. The man would eat you for a snack. And be careful calling an articulate man like Larry that's written several successful books with numerous positive reviews dumb. You wrote a smaller amount that apparently were read by only 6 people at most, except for your "Roland Martin's 101 Bass-Catching Secrets," which at least 79 people read according to Amazon. So stick to what you know there Ronald: fishing.
    EDIT: Oh, my bad… the "Roland Martin's 101 Bass-Catching Secrets" book was by a white dude… So even a damn fishing book's gotten more good reviews than what Roland S. Martin wrote and I bet at least 3–4 of those reviews are by your fam!

  2. Republican Party literally formed to fight against slavery. BOOM! Read your history! Republicans also fought to get blacks citizenship and the right to vote!!! You are embarrassing Roland!

  3. I feel like it's obvious that elder didn't mean that ONLY democrats owned slaves. I believe what he meant was most slave owners were democrats. Of course there were some Republicans that owned slaves. Race clouds these peoples views.

  4. Democrats DID own slaves, Republicans DID not, KKK was formed and maintained by Democrats, These are facts. Have you ever heard of researching history? Jesus, it never ends.

  5. Please, Larry Elder is a genius. You hate him because he's not stupid, he won't tow your pathetic whiney bullshit. I've noticed just how dumb these libtards are. Larry Elder is correct.

  6. republicans didnt have as many slaves. southern democrats stole acres of land from native americans and used slave labor for farming. while northern republicans used slave labor for construction and domestic tasks. republicans pushed for abolishing slavery bec southern democrats wanted greater representation in congress due to slave populations and that wasnt fair to northern republicans that didnt have the power or the money to stop them.

  7. The moment you call someone stupid, you know you lost the debate. This guy noticed the woman on the right disagreed with him, so he completely ignored her. Talk about stupid.

  8. Republicans like freedom. Each person is an individual. Not groups. Why do people want bigger government, unless you don’t pay into the system you do not benefit.

  9. So you want all blacks to think the same? If you don’t like the system and systemic racism exist then vote republican. Give them a chance. The dems have done nothing for you the last 40 years.

  10. I got a good laugh out of the hosts "fact" statement. Perhaps someone needs to do a taddddddd of research. Agreed being racist has nothing to do with your party or your race. Black white native Asian Republican Democrat all have engaged in racism. Now Republicans being the party of racism is silly. They are the party of military spending. Dems are the party of government overreaching power and removal of personal freedoms. I would even say Dems fall much closer to racism on their policies than Reps.

  11. Slave owners were majorly democrat. Which is why Abraham Lincoln ran as a Republican and the south voted Democrat for decades.
    And the dude is a attorney. He's definitely not stupid
    And your a journalist who makes a career out of lying to people… yea, your definitely the one to speak on being stupid

  12. Hmmm…… Roland Martin, the same Roland Martin that can’t stand toe to toe with Larry Elder??… or for that matter Candace Owens or any of the Blexit leading voices? That Roland Martin?? Hahahahaha 😂

  13. It's basically true what he said but it's a stupid statement.

    Of course the party that was started to stop the increase of slavery had no slaveowners. NO KIDDING.

    That's like saying Dracula never killed anyone until he turned into a vampire.

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