Scissor Hash | How to Clean your Trimming Scissors and Make Scissor Hash | What is Scissor Hash

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  1. So say you have multiple plants, and after trimming one, you get the scissor hash off and clean it with the alcohol. Once you continue trimming, is that new scissor hash going to be okay to smoke, since you've just used alcohol on it? This may be a dumb question, but id rather not smoke anything toxic like rubbing alcohol.

  2. I just got offered a job as a trimmer with a friend of mine. He wants to pay me 200 a pound. I've never trimmed before so I googled it and found this channel and tbh I think I'm gonna do it. It sounds fun and it will be really interesting to learn the entire process of growing

  3. sir…started harvesting my first grow. thanks for the tip..scraped the resin from my clippers and just smoked it. tiny ball…but let me tell you..its friken dank goodness. thank you sir.

  4. Hey man, after cleaning my scissor hash for a while I had a big glob on my scraping scalpel. So I found a smaller scalpel to scrape that one, but it eventually got gunked up and I had to get smaller & smaller ones until now I have to use a microscope to scrape the latest teeny tiny one. It's taking a long time and I'm not sure it's every going to end…

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