1. If the government has emails and military intelligence leaked its not that hard to imagine a uni student just grabbing a bag of weed to sell to mates and people finding seeds in it and spreading it further…..but its also not hard to believe a backyard weed scientist made it either. Either way the original creator did a good job 👍

  2. I believe it's very possible (+/- likely) that it was a real strain, because in the 70's the Canadian gov't also developed UBC chemo for medical use. The story goes that Jordan of the Islands helped them (possibly with genetics), and you can get the seeds for this strain from him. There are also some very potent hybrids from this old school classic.

  3. So funny, I remember when the rumors started about G-13 it was around 97ish… the whole rumor was that it came from a Kentucky Government Lab. I was living near Chicago so at the time plants like Maple Leaf (this was huge in my area, likely Beasters Bag Seed that people were popping), Spade, AK-47, NL, WW. I believed the story at the time. I think it might have just been stuff coming up from Kentucky at the time, because it only appeared at a certain time of year. Anyways, just a story from my high school days. Its really strange to see what Cannabis (and I was going to lots of Phish shows so I was seeing the best of the best occasionally) was then compared to what it is now…

  4. I got once in Seattle in the90s it is real.The best I have ever had OMG!Looked like lime green golfball nugs rolled in powderd sugar.Hardly any smell,but the taste, out of this world !We smoked about 3 hits and then we got lost in a convenient store parking lot lol!What we found was supposedly grown on U-Dub campus by botany geeks.

  5. the original g13 cutting is said to be extinct. so the sativa influence is due to it not being the original and likely a hybrid of neville shoenmakers making. he bred the g13 mother plant with a bunch of different early cultivars including hashplant, northern lights, haze, skunk, ortega, and white widow.

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