1. Weed these days is too high in THC, way higher than what you smoked ten years ago and most likely way higher than what God intended. Its too high in THC and too low in CBD, which acts on the cannabinoid receptors and has medicinal properties etc. etc. The weed back in the day was way different than what it is now, nobody knows for sure where it is coming from and how it was grown. Turns people into zombies, not just relaxed but people dont wanna do shit but sit and smoke… I used to sell and quit because I got in trouble and have seen the difference. When you quit, you become you again- more motivated and energetic.
    If ya dont believe me, quit for a couple months and see how you feel… If you can; to those who say weed isnt addicting.

  2. 5 days clean off this rat poison, you inspired to completely never want to use this shit again and never will use it again! I tried meth once and did not become addicted, I know I can do this!!!

  3. U cant see this nigga is a fucking body builder or some kinda fucking trainer or something, bro this is 2019 now an that shit legal. Plus the money you spend on weed u COULD SAVE IT DUMB NIGGA! Even if u want to
    Cause u knw in your heart you would spend the damn money on shoes an clothes an training shit just to find aww an happiness. God said do as you please an what makes u happy beacuse it connects you to the love of universe. It fucking connects you, plus growers smoke too dumb nigga you dont got a point cause this shit bout save the world. I wonder where you are now.

  4. Felicia is the only individual who understands well out of everybody, including the poster of the video. This nigga really went and used Ty Dolla $ign as an example for a “business owner” wheb the nigga got caught in ATL. You might as well talk about how bad guns are too and use Chicago as your main example while not realizing that when guns are legal there are very few gun issues because nearly everyone is carrying one, whereas in Chicago it is illegal, giving the criminals a natural leverage over normal civilians as they are more prone to obtaining a weapon to engage in criminal activities while normal civilians have no reason to own one aside from protection, which is outlawed.

    You honestly make no sense or have no points unless you’re referring to a person who has a regular job, (weed is slowly becoming legal, so this may not even apply to people with regular jobs anymore as we move into different times and generstions) people who smoke hybrid weed (you have not cited one science based article or study about this being factual, just stories about people with crooked necks lol, and that’s pretty much it. But I would agree, and counter that statement by saying SEEK NATURALLY BALANCED HERB. I won’t talk shit by making a point on weed being bad because most of the shit out here today is hybrid, then when somebody asks you to point them to the natural shit you go ahead and call marijuana a vice and wbu then. What? You must be perfect, huh. What are you credentials? You’re out of your mind lol

    So in conclusion, I guess since YOJ are so against smoking herb (smoking may be bad btw, but vaporizing the herb can counter all of the bad that burning joints or blunts does) that means YOU are also a “regular” dude with a regular 9-5 job, yet you have the balls to ask people on this comment section, who are in the same criteria as you, who THEY have become in life in a sarcastic manner sfter they mentioned basic things like they have a job, a house, car etc. and are currently chasing their dreams while also mentioning some of the greats who currently smoke and/or who have induced in marijuana smoking in the past for example sake as to why or how they can emulate their success. Seriously? What’s wrong with you lol. Those people can STILL become something, and I bet there was always a few people like yourself per every rich and famous person (before getting rich or famous) who were always talking shit about them smoking and being losers as well, but they just rose above it and did them while the people who talked shit are still clocking in and out of work while probably still avoiding “the devils lettuce” and talking shit about people smoking it.

    Btw, you referred to weed having damaging psychoactive effects, yet you indicated that consuming it orally is superior. This is why some people referred to you being uneducated and minibforned. Marijuana is netobslized way differently when consumed orally, it gets you way higher and can even make you hallucinate. Do your homework next time, and you should probably take this video down after this comment unless you have too much pride and want to continue being a dumb add. I also suggest you level up in life so you stop worrying about other people ruining your life and checking your urine.

  5. When I get piss tested and I fail I don't get fired lol and I never got arrested when I got caught I only got it taken but I would go back to the dispensary and I bet your weed was laced because Detroit is known for putting other things in it

  6. And it's not dope heroin and meth is dope and weed isn't dope but I do agree smoking weed isn't good because anything in your lungs is bad but I smoke, drink, eat cannabis

  7. Ok, so I would like to counter argue you because I can. Your main points was that weed can keep you from getting a job, insurance, get you killed, and locked up. All of those are system based arguments. What about people who are entrepreneurs and work from home? What about the people who live in legalized states? Lastly, since its as tainted as you say, point me in the direction of where I can get some of the purest because my reasoning behind smoking is not the health benefits. It is the fact that I do like to escape reality sometimes. So if what I got is so terrible then point me in the direction of the real so I can be out of my mind on the purest. We all deserve to know just that much.

  8. I've heard woman I mess with tell me how they can't even eat in the morning unless they have a blunt. That sounds like the shits to me. Weed is very different these days.

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