What Did Africans Believe In Before Religion?| ( The Eye Of Horus Meaning)

Did ancient Africans believe in religion? In this video, I go in DEPTH and break down African spirituality and the true meaning of the eye of Horus/ Heru. Shop my …


  1. Peace family, this was originally Patreon only content since YouTube censors my videos, but I felt a tug in my spirit to give this lecture up for free. Thank you to all who support me. Sending you love, healing, and peace. May you know thyself and live the best life possible regardless of what your religion is.
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  2. A lot, not all, of what you say, i have known without ever being told. Well told from anyone of the physical.. since as a very young child. I can't agree that all white people are disconnected spiritually… A person who is white also doesn't necessarily mean they have always been white in previous incarnations.. ( not that you have said this) & in the physical life of the 'now' one brings with them the feelings & memories from previous incarnations. What are your thoughts on reincarnation? ..and do you believe this is connected to religion? Please excuse my digression. I may have misunderstood exactly what you have meant in parts.. I will listen again.

  3. Thank you for this knowledge! I’m seeing more people talk about this and I’m grateful cause the truth is coming out and no longer will these truths be hidden to weaponize against Africans and those of African descent.

  4. I promise 2020 is the year of awakening! Thank you! I immediately switched my search browser! I always knew it was something about the Christian religion that I could never get all the way into!

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